Policy Papers

Pak-China Economic Corridor

Everyone knows about the Silk Route as it connected Europe through Central Asia with South Asia and China for thousands of years. Before the Navel ships were invented this was the only gateway to Indian Sub Continent. Qissa Khani Bazaar in Peshawar was the bazaar of story tellers because several caravans of traders would land there on daily basis to ...

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Joint Communique of the APC on PCEC

Joint Communique of the All Parties Conference on Pak-China Economic Corridor 17th Feb, 2015 We the participants of all parties’ conference in Islamabad on 17th Feb, 2015 welcome the growing economic cooperation between Pakistan and our great neighbor and friend China. We in particular welcome the proposed Pak-China Economic Corridor that is expected to write a new chapter in socio-economic ...

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Elections Manifesto 2013

[wpdm_file id=2] The purpose of this Manifesto is to inform the public about the aims and objectives of the Awami National Party (ANP) so that voters in the forthcoming General Elections will know clearly what the Party stands for. The manifesto does not purport to be a detailed programme of action. It seeks only to describe the spirit that motivates ...

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