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Mar 212018

Awami National Party Riadh KSA chapter


1 Habib Younas Khan President  
2 Hayat Mohammad Khan S.Vice President  
3 Qari Muheebullah Vice President-1  
4 Ali Shah Mohmand Vice President-2  
5 Amin Qaisar Khattak Vice President – 3  
6 Gohar Ali Khan Gen. Secretary  
7 Shamsur Rahman Betani Deputy Gen. Sec.  
8 Nasebzada Tanha Additional Gen. Sec.  
9 Dawar Shah Joint Sec.  
10 Razaullah Pukhtoonyar Deputy Joint Sec.  
11 Mian Jamal Shah Press Secretary  
12 Ataullah Khan Kamal Sec. Rabita  
13 Saifoor Khan Salaar  
14 Yar Zaman Khan Deputy Salaar  
15 Jehan Bhadar Khan Sec. Finance  

ANP Dammam KSA

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Jan 082018
  1. President                        Malak Said Zaman
  2. Gen. Sec.                       Gul Mohammad Wazir
  3. S.V.P                              Sarjawab Yousafzai
  4. Vice President-1            Tariq Ali
  5. Vice President-2            Moeed Afridi
  6. Vice President-3            Miangul Aziz Khan
  7. Additional Gen. Sec.      Shaad Mohammad
  8. Deputy Gen. Sec.           Sahibzada Ataullah
  9. Joint Sec.                       Gul Rose Khan
  10. Sec. Info.                        Rafique Yousafzai
  11. Sec. Finance                  Zahidullah
  12. S.M Coordinator             Ishaq Saqi

Working Committee;

  1. Dr. Fakhruddin               Chairman
  2. Moh’d Hazir Jan             Vice Chairman
  3. Ghulam Sakhi                 member
  4. Hafiz Abbasi                    member
  5. Malak Yaqoub Zaman     member
  6. Misbah Baber                  member
  7. Fazal Mabood                  member

ANP Jeddah

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Jul 302017
 President  Fakhar Alam Yousafzai  0562932319
 Senior Vice President  Usman Gul Khattak  0504339281
 Vice President Kareem Khan Momand  
 Vice President  Alam Khan Yousafzai  
 Vice President  Syed Zakirullah Tarmezi  
 Vice President  Hamid Hussain  
 Gen. Secretary  Alam Khan Haji  0592236299
 Deputy Gen. Sec.  Sajjad Khattak  
 Joint Sec.  Sajjad Khan  
 Joint Sec.  Anwar Durrani  
 Finance Sec.  Fazal Mohmand  
 Sec, Information  Omar Ali Khan  
 Culture Sec.  Abdul Manaf Baghi  
 Propaganda Sec.  Latief Durrani  
 Salaar  Malak Yasir Khan  
 Naib Salaar  Mansoor Ali Khan  


ANP Set-up in UAE

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Nov 112016

UAE Central Cabinet

Abdullah Khan Utmankhel

Malak Rahman Bangash

Muhammad Usman Khattak
General Secretary

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ANP probes causes of election defeat

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May 282013

The committee also asked the overseas party activists to send their complaints and suggestions regarding previous election

In a resolution, PWC asked the government to use diplomatic channels to mitigate the sufferings of Pakistanis/Pakhtuns in Saudi Arabia.

Peshawar: The Awami National Party is conducting inquiry to hold people responsible for its defeat in May 11 general elections.

According to a press release, a meeting of the fact-finding committee was held at Bacha Khan Markaz on Wednesday under its secretary and former MNA Jamila Gilani in the chair. Continue reading »


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Apr 082013

The Central Set-up of ANP Saudi Arabia located in Riyadh City


1 Gul Zamin Sayed – Khaal Dir President 966500261801 – 03009181545
2 Zahoor Ahmad Fazal Ghani S.Vice President  
3 Mohammad Inam Khan Vice President-1  
4 Habib Younas Salarzai Vice President-2  
5 Alamgir Shaheen Vice President – 3  
6 Muzamil Shah Vice President – 4  
7 Haji Subz Ali Khan Gen. Secretary 966544129555 – 03005779555
8 Rustam Khan Deputy Gen. Sec.  
9 Gohar Khan Additional Gen. Sec.  
10 Sarfarosh Khan Joint Sec.  
11 Babar Shah Deputy Joint Sec.  
12 Behram Khan Odigram Press Secretary  
13 Jameel Khan Sec. Culture  
14 Sher Bahadar Afghan Salaar  
15 Naseeb Mohammad Deputy Salaar  
Jul 262012

Dear Friends and colleagues;

Awami National Party appreciates all your great efforts and achievements for the Greater National Cause.
It is just to clarify that ANP has always been very keen to organise its diaspora to play their instrumental role for securing our National interests abroad. To achieve this vital goal, Central President,Asfandyar Wali Khan has recently constituted a high level committee to look into the matter and suggest for constitutional amendments and reforms which could meet the legal and constitutional requirements of the different countries. Continue reading »