‪‎PanamaLeaks‬; PM did not take Parliament in to confidence. Asfandyar Wali Khan

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Apr 132016

10-21-2015 8-07-25 PMPeshawar: The country is heading into a political crisis due to the inappropriate response of the PML(N) government to Panama Leaks. Instead of coming clean on the Offshore accounts by going for a credible inquiry, unfortunately the government went for white washing. The so called Inquiry Commission comprising of a retired judge declared by the Prime Minister has been justifiably rejected by all shades of public opinion of the country. The situation was further aggravated when the Prime Minister did not take Parliament of the country into confidence on the issue. ANP is of the considered opinion that allegations arising out of Panama Leaks have put the moral standing of the government under question. The only way out of this situation is the appointment of a fully empowered Judicial Commission led by the Hon’ble Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan with a definite timeline. ANP fully supports a transparent, credible and comprehensive investigation of the Panama Leaks and would support the efforts of democratic political parties in this regard. However we will request political forces to show patience, tolerance and restraint until the final results of the investigation process. Democratic political parties also need to vigilantly guard the democratic constitutional system. As per its historical traditions, ANP will oppose any effort aimed at derailment of democratic system.


Asfandyar Wali Khan
Central President

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